OLIVIA RAYE, Certified Personal Trainer

Investments today that you’ll be proud of tomorrow.

Welcome, I am SO happy you are here!  What if I told you that your goals are more achievable than you think they are? I am here to show you that you can do it and it starts right now.

I use a science-based approach and my years of education to create individual-based programs (not one-size fits all). I don’t believe in fad diets, “quick” fixes, or anything that isn’t proven to be a long-term solution. Your specific goals will be met, and KEPT when you follow my coaching.

I can not wait to start this journey with you! You deserve it


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Client Reviews

“My training experience has been amazing with Olivia”

She reached out to me back in April because I had been following her for a while and got me so excited to try out her training plan. I have been working out for years but nothing matched this experience. She took into consideration all of my abilities and injuries and curated the best shred plan for me. I never understood that you could lose body fat without losing weight on the scale until her!!! Her app is so easy to use and whenever there were issues she would quickly answer any questions I had. I love this program and working with Olivia :). I have seen great results and inches coming off my body. It was a perfect thing for the summer!

"I don’t think I’ve ever had a better workout plan than the one you gave me"

"I feel great! Feel sore, motivated, and energized. The workouts are great"

“I absolutely love the workout regimen Oliva has created for me”

She thoroughly explains each days workout and is always sure to motivate you when you need it. With Olivia’s help, I’ve been able to noticeably cut down fat and build muscle. I feel so much more confident in and outside the gym.


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+  Exclusive Access to My Fitness App
+  Personalized Monthly Workout Program
+  Personalized Nutrition Planning
+  1:1 Direct Chat Access to Me
+  Weekly In-App Check-Ins
+  Habit & Accountability Tracking

*90 days minimum commitment

Hey! I’m Olivia

I moved to Fort Lauderdale from Boston completely alone right out of college to pursue my career in the health and wellness industry. What inspired me to be a personal trainer was my love for helping others and my own personal passion for going to the gym and trying to become the best version of myself.

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry (hospital, nursing homes, home-care, crisis counseling) for years and I wanted to combine my two passions. I love feeling strong/healthy and want to share the love with others who also have a fire for consistent growth and improvement.


Personalized workout routines delivered via the app.